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Announcing the 2021 Online Intern Workshop

On Sunday 12th of September 2021 at 6:30pm (Melbourne time), I will run an online workshop (via Zoom) covering one practice exam of the Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam. I am the founder of MemoriseMedicine.com and the author of the Amazon best seller ‘Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The Easy way.’

The workshop will cover all 3 parts of the intern oral exam and will help you prepare for the upcoming pharmacy board exam.

The workshop will have a brand new practice exam that is not featured in my book (or any previous workshop). Plus, it will have exclusive insights from the most recent intern oral exam. And as a bonus at the end, we will run a live “how to spot the problem”—this is an exercise on how to quickly find problems in a patient’s medication profile.

To see the 2020 online intern workshop visit: https://shop.memorisemedicine.com/product/online-workshop-1/

What will it cost?

Workshop eTicket: $19.99

The workshop eTicket will only be on sale until Friday 10th of September 2021 11:59pm.

Workshop late eTicket: $29.99

As we need to organise the participants, we will apply a late fee of $10 to people that miss the workshop eTicket deadline. This will be on sale from Saturday 11th of September 12:00am until Sunday 12th of September 6:00pm.

Sales help to fund MemoriseMedicine.com

Don’t miss out! Last year, we had multiple interns messaging us after the cut-off time. We won’t be running another workshop this year.

For more details on how to join visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/memorise-medicine-2021-online-intern-workshop-tickets-166883774863

I look forward to seeing you there,


Format Of The Online Workshop

As the workshop will be run live, there may be slight variations to this format.

Each part will start with having one intern attempting to answer the problem. At the end a quick discussion may occur. E.g. Another intern may be asked if there’s anything else they would add.  

Part A (formerly Part 2): Primary Healthcare (10 mins)

There will be one OTC question. You will be given 10mins to explain how you would treat this patient.

Part B (formerly Part 3): Legal and Ethical Practice (5 mins)

There will be one legal or ethics question. You’ll have 5 minutes to explain the situation and what you would do.

Part C (formerly Part 4): Problem Solving & Communication (20 mins)

There will be one problem solving and communication question. This will be conducted as a role play. You will be the pharmacist and the host will be the patient and doctor. You will be given 20mins. If the problem is not solved after 20mins, another intern will be selected. They will have 5mins to ask more questions to solve the problem. This will be repeated until the problem is solved.

Bonus: How To Spot The Question

As part-1 has been removed from the Intern Pharmacy Exam, I’ve included this as a bonus. There will be a patient medication profile. Without asking any questions, you will list off any potential problems that may occur.

This is an exercise on how to quickly identify problems. It does not replace the questioning you need to do in Part C (formerly Part 4). To see what this is like visit https://blog.memorisemedicine.com/how-to-spot-the-problem/