Second Online Workshop Covering: One Practice Exam of The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam

Updated 8/9/2020 10:55pm

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Due to popular demand, I will be running the workshop one more time.

On Sunday 27th of September 2020 at 6:30pm (Melbourne time), I will be running an online workshop covering one practice exam of the Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam. I am the founder of and the author of the Amazon best seller Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The Easy way.

The workshop will cover all 4 parts of the intern oral exam and will help you prepare for the upcoming pharmacy board exam.

The workshop will have a brand new practice exam that is not featured in my book. Plus, it will have exclusive insights from the most recent intern oral exam.

How To Join

In order to join, you only need to do ONE of two things. Both of which are free to do.

  1. If you have used, please leave a review on your own Instagram or Facebook page. Please include the URL in your review.
  2. Alternatively, if you have read my book, please leave a review on your own Instagram/Facebook page, or the place you purchased it.

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To Register Email The Following

  1. Email, with the subject “27th Sept online workshop”.
  2. For social media reviews, please include a link AND a screenshot to your review.
  3. For book reviews from the place of purchase, please attach a screenshot.
  4. Please let me know if you wish to actively participate or just listen*.

*If you have chosen to “just listen”, you may still take part in the open discussion and ask questions. Please read the format of the workshop for more details.

Pharmacy students may also join. But as there will be limited role playing opportunities, I will give preferences to current interns.

For those that do not meet these requirements, you can also pay to join. Please see the Eventbrite link:

Note: If you are paying to join, you do not need to email me. The workshop details will be sent via eventbrite.

The content in this workshop is the same as the one that was done on Sunday 30th of August 2020. Those who have attended the previous workshop may attend this one without having to do a new review. However, you are still required to email me all of the above information, including your previous review.

Registration to join this workshop closes Friday 25h September (11.59pm). No exceptions. Please contact us if you do not receive a reply within 24hrs.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Format Of The Online Workshop

Part 1: Medication Knowledge and Counselling (10 mins)

There will be a list of 5 medicines. You’ll have 2 mins to talk about each medicine. One intern will do one medicine. I’ll then open up a quick discussion. E.g. I’ll ask another intern if there’s anything else they would add. A different intern will do the next medicine.

We’ll repeat this until all 5 medicines are finished.

Part 2: Primary Healthcare (10 mins)

One OTC case. A different intern will be given 10mins to complete this. I’ll then open up a quick discussion. E.g. I’ll ask another intern if there’s anything else they would add.

Part 3: Legal and Ethical Practice (5 mins)

There will be one legal and ethics question. You’ll have 5 minutes to explain the situation and what you would do. I’ll then open up a quick discussion. E.g. I’ll ask another intern if there’s anything else they would add.

* As there a lot of interns from different states, Part 3 may be changed to another Part 1.

Part 4: Problem Solving & Communication (20 mins)

There will be one problem solving and communication question. This will be conducted as a role play. You as the pharmacist and the host as the patient and doctor. A different intern will do this and will be given 20mins. If the problem is not solved after 20mins, I’ll select another intern. They will have 5mins to ask more questions to solve the problem. We’ll repeat this until the problem is solved. I’ll hold a brief discussion at the end.


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