New second edition to help you prepare for the new 2021 oral exam format!

Attention! Australian Intern Pharmacist.

Are you scared of the upcoming oral exam?

I thought so.

I’ve written a book to help, ‘Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The easy way.’ It’s on Amazon. Available here, Amazon Affiliate link:

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‘Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The easy way.’ Currently, the No. 1 Amazon Bestselling Book for Pharmacy
No. 1 Amazon Bestselling Book for Pharmacy and the only book designed to help you pass the intern oral exam.

I want to say, “Once you’re done reading this book, you’ll no longer be scared!” But that probably won’t happen. What will happen, you’ll be a lot more prepared, a lot more confident, and your chances of passing the oral exam will increase. And that will make you a little less scared.

Studies have shown students do NOT know or do effective studying. Don’t believe me? If you like to underline and reread your notes, you’re doing two of the most INEFFECTIVE study techniques. Inside the book, you’ll find scientific study techniques, proven to get you better results. These are techniques I did when I was an intern and training for the commonwealth games.

Practice exams are among the most effective study methods. But there are so little practice exams, for the oral intern exam. Luckily, once you have this book, you’ll have Twenty-five practice exams.

 Are you scared, you won’t be able to solve the Part C (formerly part-4) problem? Once you have the book, you’ll learn that nearly ALL the problems fall into one of three categories.

  1. A new prescription with drug interaction. 
  2. Not appropriate.
  3. Misdirection.

Once you can recognise the category the problem is in, you’ll be able to solve it.

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“I have been using, “Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The easy way.” This book contains 16 practice exams, as well as study tips and exam strategies! This book is great to practice with your fellow intern buddies!

This book also goes hand in hand with and is essential preparation for both of your intern exams!”

—Erin Cooper, 2020 President of the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA) ACT 2020 Intern Pharmacist of the year.